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How do you describe the thrill of exploring ancient Maya caves? Or the joy of a night spent surrounded by the rhythms of Garifuna drumming? Or the awe you feel standing in front of an ocean of crystal blue water? Belize is a destination for the senses so words often fail to do justice to its beauty and vitality. Knowing that, we’ve put together the below resources to help you add stunning photos and videos to your website, newsletters, itineraries and emails.

Become A Specialist

The Belize Travel Agent Specialist program was designed to help you more easily and effectively sell Belize to your customers. From choosing the perfect activities to suggesting the right accommodation options to offering helpful tips, Belize Travel Agent Specialists have a broad understanding of how to create the perfect Belize experience for their clients. And to reward that interest and expertise, the Belize Tourism Board is happy to extend exclusive benefits to members of the program, including:

Fam Trips

To experience Belize is to love it. With such an irresistible mix of adventures—from underwater explorations to seaside relaxation, rainforest journeys to historic and cultural discoveries—Belize has something for everyone. And once you’ve experienced it for yourself, you’ll be able to share your passion with your clients.


It’s a place where everything can be found on a map, but only felt with the soul. Here, tourists become travelers by experiencing life as it is lived in Belize. Simply. From the rainforests to the sea, to the mysterious Maya world, Belize has a range of adventures no other country of its size can offer. Not to mention, friendly, unforgettable people who are more than happy to help visitors truly discover how to be. Here’s why your clients will love life in Belize:

Events & Trade Shows

The Belize Tourism Board is an active participant in a number of global trade shows and industry conferences each year. You’ll find a full schedule of the events our team is planning to attend in the coming months below. Our team will have all of the latest industry updates and can assist with any questions or issues you may be having so let us know when we can schedule an in-person meeting.

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Belize is an exciting destination, with so many thrilling experiences to be had and memories to be made.  No matter your client's desire, Belize offers the perfect journey. To make sure you know the latest news, events and promotions, be sure to sign up for the Belize Tourism Board's Travel Trade E-newsletter.  Delivering the best of Belize to your inbox every other month.

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Washington, DC


February 22–23, 2014

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Toronto Ultimate Travel Show

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