Curious about Belize?

Belize delivers everything your clients’ want in a Caribbean vacation—and so much more.

It’s a place where everything can be found on a map, but only felt with the soul. Here, tourists become travelers by experiencing life as it is lived in Belize. Simply. From the rainforests to the sea, to the mysterious Maya world, Belize has a range of adventures no other country of its size can offer. Not to mention, friendly, unforgettable people who are more than happy to help visitors truly discover how to be.

Here’s why your clients will love life in Belize:

With direct flights from many U.S. gateways, Belize is easy to get to—and comfortable to visit, as English is the primary language and spoken widely. Belize’s network of highways and readily available flights within the country make it convenient to explore. The currency exchange is a fixed rate U.S. $1 to BZ $2.

As the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, this protected reef offers U.S. travelers the rare opportunity to view amazing underwater life via scuba diving or snorkeling without having to travel to the other side of the world.

Important archaeological sites and artifacts offering a window into ancient Maya life have been unearthed throughout Belize, and visitors may experience this mysterious world firsthand.

Whether your clients prefer gentle adventures like hiking or extreme, heart-pumping action like rafting or deep caving, Belize has it all.

From jungle lodges to hiking to zip lining, Belize offers an array of rainforest experiences, putting visitors eye to eye with its abundant wildlife while proactively preserving this fragile ecosystem.

Belize is roughly the size of Massachusetts, and it’s easy to explore its diverse corners in one trip. For clients who want an irresistible mix of experiences—from underwater adventures to seaside relaxation to rainforest explorations to historic and cultural discoveries—Belize has it all. All in one vacation your clients may never forget.

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