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Belize delivers everything your clients’ want in a Caribbean vacation—and so much more.

It’s a place where everything can be found on a map, but only felt with the soul. Here, tourists become travellers by experiencing life as it is lived in Belize. From the rainforests to the reef, to mysterious Maya cities and still be immersed in the taste and culture of the Mayas , Belize has a range of adventures no other country of its size can offer. Not to mention, friendly, unforgettable people who are more than happy to help visitors experience the true essence of Belize. Still not sure? Here’s why your clients will love life in Belize:

  • English Speaking
  • Second Largest Barrier Reef in the World
  • Great Blue Hole
  • 3 of 4 Coral atolls in the Caribbean
  • Uniquely situated in Central America and the Caribbean offering short flight from major North American Airline hubs
  • Vast endowment of Ancient Maya sites
  • Sustainability ingrained in the country’s societal DNA
  • Small country with array of attractions and activities to satisfy interests of a variety of travelers
  • Low population density naturally aligns with social distancing protocols
  • Recognized by WTTC as a “Safe Travels” Destination
  • Highly experiential destination – heritage, culture, culinary, adventure, health & wellness
  • Low guest-to-staff ratio at hotels; guests can expect more personalized care and attention
  • Easy and Safe Transport
  • Stable currency: USD $1 = BZD $2; USD widely accepted.

Tools you need to sell Belize

How do you describe the thrill of exploring ancient Maya caves? Or the joy of a night spent surrounded by the rhythms of Garifuna drumming? Or the awe you feel standing in front of an ocean of crystal blue water?

Belize is a destination for the senses so words often fail to do justice to its beauty and vitality. Knowing that, we’ve put together the below resources to help you add stunning photos and videos to your website, itineraries and emails.

Want to know who sells Belize?

Belize is the perfect destination for your clients, as there is much to see and do. Whether snorkelling, climbing or relaxing, our partners can help you craft the perfect itinerary. To get in contact with wholesalers selling Belize, click the list below, which includes partners from US, Canada, UK and South America.

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about Belize

The Belize Travel Specialist Program was designed to assist travel advisors in learning more about the destination in order to deliver the many vacation options to match each of your clients’ special interests.

You can find out all about Belize and discover why your customers will fall in love with this vibrant and tropical destination.
Getting priority consideration for FAMs, being listed on our website and having a printable diploma are just a few of the perks of the program.

Travel Agent Academy (North American Market) Belize Online Training (European Market)

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Feel free to download any or all of the photos below to use for your marketing and client-outreach activities. If you’re looking for a specific image that you don’t see here, please use our media request form to request it.


Belize is a proud member of several travel associations.

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