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The official language of Belize is:
The local Belizean currency (BZ) has a fixed exchange rate with the U.S. dollar (US) of:
Belize is home to Caribbean beaches, lush rainforests and one of the world’s largest cave systems, yet it’s only about the size of which American state:
Belize is a year-round destination, offering a subtropical climate with brisk Caribbean trade winds and an average temperature of 80°F. The dry season is from:
Which ancient culture called Belize home and today, remains of its advanced civilization can be found in fascinating archaeological sites throughout the country:
The Belize Barrier Reef offers divers and snorkelers 185 miles of underwater wonders to explore—tunnels, caverns, walls and lagoons teeming with fish and coral. The only reef in the world bigger is:
Belize was named "one of the four must-dive locations on this blue planet" by:
Belize's most famous diving spot, named a UNESCO World Heritage site, is:
Divers must avoid flying for how long after their last dive:
Hell Hole, a 10-to-15-feet-wide mouth of an underwater cave, is located in Belize's largest marine reserve:
To view massive whale sharks in their spawning grounds during April, May and June, divers and snorkelers should head to:
First-time spelunkers prefer this cave thanks to its wide opening and end-to-end visibility:
One of Belize's most renowned Maya sites that also features skeletal remains cemented in limestone is:
A top spot for tubing through caves and seeing underwater waterfalls is:
The best location to see jaguars, particularly during evening guided tours is:
Belize is home to more than 600 species of birds. The country's national bird is:
One of Belize's biggest annual events celebrates the opening of lobster season, with lobster fests held in San Pedro, Placencia and Caye Caulker during the month of:
Belize is known for the relaxed ambience of its picturesque beach towns, including all of the following destinations EXCEPT...
The largest of the cayes in Belize, home to San Pedro and a great spot for travelers to find boutique hotels, beautiful beaches and diving and snorkeling is:
Belize is a cultural melting pot, home to many diverse ethnic communities, including Mestizo (mixture of Spanish and Maya), Creoles, Garifuna, Mennonites, East Indians, Chinese, Taiwanese and Middle Eastern people. This group hosts two celebrations every November, including a drumming competition in Punta Gorda and a reenactment of their arrival to Belize in Stann Creek:
Belize's only cruise passenger terminal is located in:
Even during a short stopover in Belize, cruise passengers may:
Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in Belize. It's now possible for couples to tie the knot:
This smallest of Belize's national parks is ideal for novice trekkers and offers easy-to-traverse trails:
Many American retirees have settled in this beachfront town near the Mexican border, which boasts a vibrant fruit and vegetable market that's known as a great place to meet the locals:
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